Saturday, March 12, 2011

Las Meninas

I feel it necessary to give a little bit of background on the name I chose for this blog/project. Going through all of these old photos, I couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable my sister and I look in almost every portrait. Our costumes never seemed to be quite the right size and I recall being beyond embarrassed (even at age 3) that I had to wear most of them. The whole concept of the awkward antique chair, the plant popping out from the corner, and that ladder?...It all got me thinking about the whole idea of a child's portrait. So forced, so unnatural, and inevitably an indirect portrait of the stage mom herself.

Las Meninas (in Portuguese, "The Girls"), 1656, Diego Velasquez
Infanta Margarita in Blue Dress, 1659, Diego ValesquezInfanta Margarita Teresa in White Dress, 1656, Diego Velasquez
Pablo Picasso, Las Meninas Infanta Margarita Maria, 1957

Historically, children have consistently been dressed to reflect their parents. Kids were stuffed into corsets and crinolines with no regard for the shape of a child's body nor for the fact's a child!

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