Thursday, March 31, 2011

Because Size Does Matter...

I've been hard at work for a few weeks already searching for textiles and sketching ideas for what I want this collection to look like. Before I can really delve in, however, I had to come up with a general idea of HOW i want to use the whole connection between my old dance costumes and Las Meninas.

I decided that I want to use the idea of a child "playing dress up" to play with exaggerated shapes and silhouettes. After some much appreciated guidance from my teacher, I took some of my own clothes and dressed them on a child mannequin to see what happens to their shape. Here's what happened....

This is a slip from Free People that is fairly loose on me and comes to just below my knees. On The child's body it is floor-length and the neckline as well as the arm holes are at or below the waistline. Also...the dart for the breast is below the waist.
With this Anthropologie dress, I was curious to see what would happen with the cut at the waist. In the back, it fell below the mannequin's tush (which isn't very clear in the picture).
The first button of this jacket (which is generally at the waist) is around the hips (if a child were to have hips, that is). Also, the sleeve reaches the mannequin's knees and the collar sticks out past the shoulders.
The jeans are a bit more self-explanatory; although I did notice that the back pockets were about the size of the mannequin's entire behind!

I took the whole experiment and tried to create general silhouettes on a woman's body. These are more or less the shapes I'm going to try working with for the collection.

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