Saturday, March 19, 2011

In a Parallel Universe

I'm pretty sure this posts speaks for itself, but for those of you in dire need of reading material...I'll just say few words. Let's just say...I've noticed that this whole comparison between historical children's portraits and my old dance photos goes beyond the mere fact that they're all funny portraits of kids. In fact, I've managed to find loads of similarities in the clothing itself....As if whoever "designed" those dance costumes sat in her little sewing room with an inspiration board full of collages of little Spanish princesses!

Infanta Margarita in a Blue Dress (Velasquez) and 3-year-old me! Lots of shiny gold and the same shape of those cuts!

Infanta Don Margarita de Austria (Velasquez), me, and my sister, Taylor (ages 7 and 9, respectively...also a total guess). Pink Stripes! Okay...this one may or may not be a stretch!

Edward, Prince of Wales (Hans Holbein) and 3-year-old me (again)...Hey! That's my hat! Also...does anyone else think we bear a striking resemblence?

Don Baltasar Carlos (Velasquez) and my sister (age 5)...Same pose and quite possibly even the very same chair.

Marguerite de France reine de Navarre (Francois Clouet) and Taylor again. The exact same silver beads (what are the chances Marguerite's were also plastic?)

I got all these photos from this site, IAmAChild...a blog entirely dedicated to children in art history. Check it out!

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