Saturday, April 30, 2011

All That Glitters is not Gold...

Well, my friends, here you have it! After many long nights and sparkling days, this menina is finito (hey, i live my life in a constant chasm of multiple languages....i can mix in the occasional spanish and italian whenever I want)! In any case...Tomorrow is my mid-semester presentation...So I present you now with Las Meninas: The Collection!

In this collection, I wanted the looks to bring through the same feeling I get when looking at my collection of childhood portraits or the portraits of the Infanta Margarita, for that matter. While the portraits themselves may be sparkling and glamorous, there's a sad, lonely little girl in each one who seems to be staring out from behind a sort of proverbial mask.

To create this so-called "mask," I tried working with transparent fabrics (tulle, chiffon), and using them over the traditional wools and brocades.

Here, I embroidered sequins in a pattern on the brocade, then covered it with a second layer of chiffon where some of the sequins from the pattern are visible above the chiffon.

This was an off/white-gold brocade that I dyed fuschia, then cut out pieces of the brocade pattern in order to expose the grey dress underneath.
Hot pink tulle over brown wool.
This is an amazing metallic pink brocade that I happened to have stumbled upon!!! The collar and the pockets of the jacket are with an extra layer of green chiffon over the brocade that makes it less metallic.
There you have it....Wish me luck tomorrow! And good luck to all my classmates! Check out their blogs and their presentations linked in my sidebar! : )

Monday, April 25, 2011

Narrowing it Down...

From what feels like a thousand sketches and fabric samples; this week I managed to narrow my collection down to a mere 15 looks that I really liked! Now, the only problem is that I have to narrow it down even further to about 5! Here are the top 8...LEAVE COMMENTS and let me know which are the strongest and which I could manage to get rid of!

And the most important part...BUTTONS (and snaps, in this case)!! Some of them are from my personal collection, some I bought this past week in Paris, and some are from here in Tel Aviv.

Stay tuned throughout the week for more exciting posts...My mid-semester presentation is next week so this menina is hard at work...

that's all for now, HAPPY SPRING! : )

Sunday, April 10, 2011

If You Can't Get a Cab, You Just Can't Get a Cab...

When we were about 16, my dear friend, Alexa, and I took a trip to New York by ourselves. Alexa's mom sat us down before we got on the plane and gave us some important traveling pointers. The grand finale of it all went a little something like this: "...And just remember girls, sometimes if you can't get a cab, YOU JUST CAN'T GET A CAB!"

We died laughing. It seemed so ridiculous..."Obviously!" (We were 16 and from Southern California, so it was probably more along the lines of "like, duh!") And yet, these words seem to manifest themselves over and over in my life.

Like, for instance, over the past week with this project. I found myself trying the same things over and over. The same sketches, the same ideas, with the same inspiration in front of me... I was, as my boyfriend put it so well, "Lost Meninas". Until it hit me....If you can't get a cab, you just can't get a cab...So you find other means of getting from point A to point B. You take a bus, or a train, or you walk. In any get there. Or, alternatively, you stand in the same spot on the side of the road repeating the same cab-hailing motion over and over again (or, i guess, in my case...drawing the same ugly jacket over and over again).

So I took matters into my own hands and made two new inspiration pages. I felt like they better represent what this project means to me at the heart of it all. Because when it all comes down to it, my collection of childhood dance portraits are saturated, drenched, soaked in unmitigated irony...because my childhood wasn't sparkling at all; and in my opinion neither was the Infanta Margarita's (damn...she wanted out of that corset and onto the playground)!

Here is the new inspiration:

And Color Palette for the collection:
Some fabric manipulations I worked on this weekend...
And a few of the sketches that came out of it all... So here you have it....the ebb and flow of the design process. Changes happen along the way...and I'll be sure to keep you posted (pun absolutely intended) as to how things progress. For now... Consider me, Found Meninas!!!