Monday, June 27, 2011

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So here's the story of my second outfit...(is it just me or does any one else have an automatic reflex when they hear "so here's the story" to start rapping the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme"?). In any case, after our mid-semester critiques, when we sat with our advisers and chose which outfit we're going to sew, the outfit I most wanted to make was this dress:This particular course, however, other than requiring us to blog our entire process, also requires that we create a complete look...more of an outfit. And my advisers and I agreed that this dress is a little bit too basic. And so...we decided on the outfit I've been working on for the last month and a half (ya know...the many, many sequins)...No,'s kind of hard to miss. We did, however, agree that if I could manage to get everything done with enough time to spare, I could try to make the dress. So tomorrow is our final fitting (to make sure everything sits right, and to measure hems and finishes) and I managed to make a toille of the dress to fit tomorrow. If everything fits alright, I'll have enough time between the fitting and the presentation to make the dress (and of course, dye it). Here's my progress:Here's me! The idea with this dress is that I really related to my previous post "Because Size Does Matter" and I changed a lot of the proportions of a regular dress. The waistline dropped to the hips, the armhole grew, the shoulder dropped, the neckline widened and somehow the dress (at least on me) still looks wearable.

Under the dress, there is another, thinner dress that is seen in the places where I cut out the shapes from the brocade. The part of the neckline that is seen, I draped many small folds.
Tomorrow I'll see both looks on the models and hopefully everything will work out! I'll definitely be sure to take pictures and post them soon!

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