Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Post About my Jacket

I mean, the title pretty much says it all so there's not a whole lot more to add. I seam (on-purpose-typo...get it?) to have made quick progress on both my skirts and my top which left me nothing but time to procrastinate working on this scary, scary jacket. All in all (not including the 3 toilles and many, many changes I made to the pattern), from the moment I had the final pattern...It's taken me two and a half weeks to cut, embroider, and sew the jacket (and we're still talking about a jacket without lining)!!!

I must say, I had myself pretty convinced that after I had all these sequins sewn (one at a time), the sewing would be cake! Oh man was I wrong! I basically had to sew a completely tailored jacket from silk chiffon. I'm not gonna lie....I have a few rips and tears (and tears in the other sense) here and there, but I've found that sometimes it's better to just hang up the jacket...stop sewing, stop ironing and either hope no one will notice or if need be, cover up all the problem areas with some extra sequins. : )
So this is wear (another on-purpose-typo...words are fun) we are now! The jacket demands some serious ironing, but that's probably been my biggest struggle in this entire project. For those of you who understand fabrics, you know that synthetic jacquard and silk chiffon iron very naturally, when ironing them one on top of the other, I had some trouble. For now, I'm leaving it alone and hoping that my technical adviser can...well...advise in this area.
Coming up next on Las Meninas...A Post about my second Outfit! (That's right, it's already in the works...SURPRISE! you know you don't want to miss this!)
Happy weekend to all...

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