Saturday, May 21, 2011

Behind the Seams...

So it's been a while since my last post.... but don't you fret, Project: Las Meninas is well at work.

My mid-term presentation went really well and aside from needing to focus in on my customer profile and some other minor details, my collection overall got good feedback.

For now...I'm working hard on sewing my toille for the outfit I've chosen to carry out.
Here she is:

Tomorrow I have my first fitting with a model...So after some long nights, battling with myself over why I chose to sew an entire jacket from chiffon (explanation to follow)'s what we have so far.At this stage, everything is sewn without finishes and from raw order to check sillouhettes, lengths, proportions, and the like. I can already see that I want the skirt a bit shorter and the jacket longer, but I'm waiting to see everything on a model (with actual legs) before I make any changes.

This is the textile I've decided on for the jacket. The fabric is a barbie pink brocade (whoever created it is a genius in my eyes)...It is, however, INCREDIBLY I decided to tone it down by adding a mask of very transperent chiffon. I'm hand embroidering sequins all over the jacket and in certain places I'll sew them on top of the chiffon.
Because chiffon is such a tricky fabric to work with, I felt like I needed to practice, so i sewed the entire toille with an additional layer of chiffon over the muslin.
And when by some miracle I managed to actually do that, it was around 1 am Thursday morning at Shenkar, and this is what my workspace looked like (it's actually not nearly as bad as it had the potential to be).

All in all...sorry for the brief hiatus, but as you can see, it wasn't for nothing. I'll post pictures later this week of the fitting.

Peace, Love, and Meninas!

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