Saturday, April 30, 2011

All That Glitters is not Gold...

Well, my friends, here you have it! After many long nights and sparkling days, this menina is finito (hey, i live my life in a constant chasm of multiple languages....i can mix in the occasional spanish and italian whenever I want)! In any case...Tomorrow is my mid-semester presentation...So I present you now with Las Meninas: The Collection!

In this collection, I wanted the looks to bring through the same feeling I get when looking at my collection of childhood portraits or the portraits of the Infanta Margarita, for that matter. While the portraits themselves may be sparkling and glamorous, there's a sad, lonely little girl in each one who seems to be staring out from behind a sort of proverbial mask.

To create this so-called "mask," I tried working with transparent fabrics (tulle, chiffon), and using them over the traditional wools and brocades.

Here, I embroidered sequins in a pattern on the brocade, then covered it with a second layer of chiffon where some of the sequins from the pattern are visible above the chiffon.

This was an off/white-gold brocade that I dyed fuschia, then cut out pieces of the brocade pattern in order to expose the grey dress underneath.
Hot pink tulle over brown wool.
This is an amazing metallic pink brocade that I happened to have stumbled upon!!! The collar and the pockets of the jacket are with an extra layer of green chiffon over the brocade that makes it less metallic.
There you have it....Wish me luck tomorrow! And good luck to all my classmates! Check out their blogs and their presentations linked in my sidebar! : )

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